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How do I get started?
Select a plan. Once you complete your purchase, I will email with a questionnaire along with a request for some “before” photos of yourself. Send this information back back to me and I will reach out with 24 hours with follow-up questions and then send you your program!
Can I cancel the discounted subscription programs?
Yes, of course! I am here for YOU. Just let me know and it will be cancelled the same day without any hassle. Or if you are going out of town for a few weeks or can't make a payment, let me know and I will freeze your account.
What makes this plan effective?
My main focus is for you to learn accountability. The goal is to implement this into a lifestyle and not just a diet. Obviously, this will be a little different depending on your individual goal, but our overall goal is for you to achieve your desired results.
What if I just want to lose weight, not bulk?
No matter what the goal is that you have in mind, everything will be custom-tailored to meet your specific, individual goals.
Do you train competitors?
Of course I do! I work with beginners who strive to get on the stage for the first time, as well as those who want to improve from their last showing and move up to a National level. Normally contest prep will start 12 - 20 weeks out--depending on your current condition and level of experience.
Can I go out and eat while on your plan?
Yes! This is a lifestyle, not a cookie-cutter diet plan. Everything is custom-tailored for you and your work schedule. If there are ever any questions about your plan you are encouraged to email me!—That’s why I am here.
Am I able to reach out to you?
Yes of course. You can reach out to me anytime via my email.