Jonathan DeLaRosa was born in New York on May 29, 1984. His parents were born in the Dominican Republic and both worked hard to give Jon and his siblings the best they could. They lived in Manhattan in the Washington Heights section where most Dominican families migrated to after coming from the Dominican Republic. Jon attended a catholic school named Good Shepherd for his education. Early in Jon's life, he had a fascination with bodybuilding because his father was the most muscular father amongst all his friends’ fathers. His father, William, always had bodybuilding magazines in the house, and Jon would love to look through them in awe of these hulk-like creatures! He quickly wanted to become like his father and the other bodybuilders he saw in the magazines, imitating workouts his father would do at home or at the gym. He would have his father make him his post workout protein shake along with his father’s every time they trained. Years went by, and Jon never lost interest in being muscular. He continued his training for all the recreational sports he played. He made the cut for his middle school basketball team and immediately started doing extra calve raises and weighted jump squats to help his vertical. Jon continued to play basketball through high school, all the meanwhile, spending hours in the gym trying to make himself a better athlete.



NAME : Jonathan T. DeLaRosa

BIRTHDATE : May 29, 1984

HOMETOWN : Manhattan, Ny

HEIGHT : 5'7"



 In his freshman year of high school, the football coach saw him walking down the hall. Jon is already very muscular, and the coach notices this. He asked Jon to attend try-outs later that week. Jon agreed, and despite never playing organized football, he easily met the requirements to make the team. Jon was very fast, jumped very high, and hit hard, a perfect combination for any football coach. After a successful four years playing high school varsity basketball and football and with a few games left in his last season as a high school football player, Jon suffers an injury during a game. The injury limits him from running and even walking at times! During the game Jon shatters his coccyx and sacrum. After a few weeks of fighting through the pain, the pain became too much for Jon to bare and landed him in the hospital. The shattered bone causes an infection causing Jon to be sceptic. As he enters the emergency room, the doctor starts to feel down his spine and finds the infection. She immediately cuts Jon open with no anesthetic to release the infection as quickly as possible. Immediately following the incision, the infection starts to come out and quickly makes Jon feel better. 

 Following the surgery came the recovery. Jon learned that he would not be stitched up like a normal surgery but that he would be left with an open wound. With an injury like this, it’s common to let the body heal "from the inside out." For about 6 months, Jon was, for the most part, bed-ridden. His mother would tend to his wound three times a day. Morning, Afternoon and Night the packing that was inside the wound would have to come out and stuffed again with new gauze! Weeks go by, and Jon starts to notice himself losing muscle and is anxious to get back to the gym and start training again. Once he was able to get back to the gym, he wanted to train harder than he ever had. He had an intensity about him that led him to fulfill his longtime dream of competing in a bodybuilding competition! After losing most of what he worked so hard for over many years, Jon was on a bodybuilding stage just two years later with even more muscle than what he had previously. 

 Through college Jon continued his journey, trying to become one of the best bodybuilders in the world! He never lost sight of his dream and continues to pursue that very dream now.